Creativité Sans Frontières – Harold Kroto

Public Lecture by
Nobel Prize Winner

Creativité Sans Frontières (Creativity Without Borders)

Sir Harry Kroto FRS, Florida State University

Thursday 11 July 2013, 6:30pm-8.00pm, Harrington Lecture Theatre, followed by refreshments

To confirm attendance – please contact Sue Conduit, UCLan Research Development Office
Tel: 01772 893390, email:



Prof Sir Harold Kroto FRS
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1996)

Abstract : Pasteur claimed that “Fortune favours only the prepared mind”. Simply stated and oft-quoted but the question is of course: How does one actually “prepare” one’s mind to be creative? This presentation examines all aspects of creativity in general, providing evidence that to be successful in any walk of life the most important thing that we must develop is an openness to ideas and concepts from every corner – often a seemingly unlikely corner – of the intellectual and cultural environment from the Arts to the Sciences. If one examines a wide range of examples of creativity one finds that there are common factors wherever breakthroughs are made in science, technology, the arts, the media etc. The evidence is that creativity invariably involves a synthetic process in which contributing factors which might, a priori, have seemed disparate are conflated to produce something totally new and novel. From an educational perspective a key aim of education must be to unlock the creative potential of all our young people and this means that an educator must find ways of stimulating and encouraging the intellectual curiosity that all small children possess from the moment they are born and that as students they must maintain across all the educational subject boundaries.

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Author:Andrei Zvelindovsky

Founding Head of the School of Mathematics and Physics and Professor of Computational & Theoretical Physics, University of Lincoln, UK


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